Restaurant Le Clarence

Restaurant Le Clarence, awarded 2 Michelin stars, is a luxurious gastronomic paradise in an ancient mansion built by the Prince of Luxembourg back in the 19th century. The interior of the restaurant with soft armchairs, crystal chandeliers, large cornices and ancient paintings immerses you in the past, adding an atmosphere of regularity and peace to reality. Le Clarence chef Christophe Pelé says his restaurant’s take on classic French cuisine is “bold, modern and devilishly seductive.” He uses ingredients from all over the world for his dishes, and some dishes take several weeks to prepare for the table. All the food here will delight the taste buds of even the most fastidious and sophisticated. This attitude towards the kitchen does not go unnoticed. Le Clarence is ranked 28th in the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world.
The private living rooms on the third floor of the Le Clarence restaurant are simply created for unforgettable romantic meetings. Bring here a model from the PARIS ESCORT 24 agency and her admiration will know no bounds!

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