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Restaurant Laperouse


Restaurant Laperouse The Lapérouse restaurant is not only a prestigious establishment in Paris with ideal French cuisine, but also one of the most legendary places, which in themselves represent the very history of the city. It was opened as a…

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Restaurant Uma Nota

Restaurant Uma

Restaurant Uma Nota Restaurant Uma Nota is a Brazilian Japanese street food restaurant located in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement of Réaumur in Sebastopol. The uniqueness of this establishment lies in the combination of Japanese know-how with fresh Brazilian…

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Restaurant La Poule au Pot

Restaurant La Poule au

Restaurant La Poule au Pot La Poule au Pot restaurant was opened more than 80 years ago. This Parisian establishment has already changed three owners during its existence. The culinary offerings here always reflect the bounty of classic French bourgeois…

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Restaurant Clamato


Restaurant Clamato Restaurant Clamato is the latest project of Septime’s Bertrand Grebaut. Clamato is located at 80 Rue Charonne. A small restaurant with a short menu in which fish, seafood and vegetables form the basis of all dishes. The carefully…

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Restaurant Le Clarence

Restaurant Le

Restaurant Le Clarence Restaurant Le Clarence, awarded 2 Michelin stars, is a luxurious gastronomic paradise in an ancient mansion built by the Prince of Luxembourg back in the 19th century. The interior of the restaurant with soft armchairs, crystal chandeliers,…

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